What people are saying:

"If the purpose of art is to provoke, I have never seen anything that did it more successfully than Hoaxocaust!"

Peter Alkalay, Chairman of The New Group ("Avenue Q")

"When I was invited to see “Hoaxocaust,” I wasn’t sure what to expect – the pilot for a reality TV show debunking urban legends or a new musical from the ever-irreverent Mel Brooks. To my surprised amazement, it turned out to be a startlingly daring examination of the thorny issue of Holocaust denial. In a tour-de-force solo performance, the author takes us on a whirlwind, worldwide journey that serves as a catalyst for insight into the unique role the Holocaust continues to occupy in the Jewish community as well as an eye-opening look at the mindset of those who have sought to dismantle it. “Hoaxocaust” is a welcome addition to the canon of theatrical works that defiantly challenges audiences to derive the moral truth inherent in what unfolds before their eyes."

Joan Liman, MD, Co-Producer with Amas Musical Theater of "Signs of Life"

"As a 3rd generation survivor and a Jewish communal professional, it's hard to imagine anyone denying the Holocaust--and yet there are those who do. As we lose the last generation of Holocaust survivors, Hoaxacaust presents us with the reality that we could face, and prepares us to know where we stand when we do."

Rachel Ishfosky, Associate Executive Director, Jewish Heart for Africa

"Not only does Barry Levey know how to move the audience emotionally, he also gets them to think deeply ."

A.D. Penedo, Lawyer and Playwright

"As a member of the Jewish young adult community, I believe that we are a generation getting farther and farther from our connection to our Jewish identity. Hoaxocaust was thought-provoking and emotionally driven, as it presented curious questions that related to any and all Jewish people. It is a brilliant project that will help bridge the gap between the youth and their understanding that anti-semitism and hatred exists towards Jews in the rest of the world."

Emily Rubenstein, Jewish Communal Professional

"A tremendous experience"

Ed Katz, Marketing Consultant and Writer/Producer

"Hoaxocaust! was a thought-provoking, at times tongue-in-cheek perspective on the Holocaust. At times funny; at others sad. Ultimately, an experience that stays with you and gives rise to many a lively discourse. A must-see for those connected in any way to this tragic period in time, and especially for anyone for whom these events are nothing but written words in a history text book."

Beverley Yehuda, Media Executive

From May 29 to June 17

at the Theater for the New City

155 First Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Streets)

New York, NY 10003

(212) 254-1109

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